Flow & Grow 6/20 - 6pm

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Join us for Flow & Grow - an herbal experience. 

Our evening will start by calming our minds and stretching our bodies. Christine, from Heart Centered Yoga, will guide us through a gentle yoga flow.  This practice is intended to help us connect our bodies to our breath, become present in the moment and begin to engage all of our senses for an herbal experience. Following our flow, we will prepare tea, enjoy casual conversation amongst our friends, and get ready to work with our hands. Stacey, from Ithaca Flower Shop, will teach and demonstrate a how-to on herbs and container gardening and set you free to create your own.  We encourage you to play in the soil and immerse yourself in the herbal fragrances - it will smell heavenly! 

Class includes :

-30 minute gentle yoga 

-Herb garden supplies - 5 culinary herbs, soil composition and container, plus instructions for creating and maintaining. 

-Tea time with friends

Thursday 6/20 - 6-8pm in The Wellness Studio, Cortland NY